Tell our leaders Muskrat Falls must be changed.


Dear Prime Minister and Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador,

I am joining with others to call on government to Make Muskrat Right. New evidence shows that the Muskrat Falls hydro dam will contaminate the food that thousands of Inuit rely on, harming Inuit health and culture and violating Inuit and human rights. The human cost of the current plan for the dam is too high. Changes need to be made now to mitigate these impacts. I call you to require that Nalcor Energy:

1. Fully clear the future Muskrat Falls reservoir area of vegetation and soil before flooding to reduce methylmercury flowing downstream into Inuit territory.

2. Negotiate an Impact Management Agreement with the Nunatsiavut Government before Muskrat Falls’ flooding and damaging downstream impacts occur.

3. Establish an independent Expert Advisory Committee of recognized academic experts to advise on the design of, and audit, a rigorous, credible, and predictive monitoring program for downstream impacts of Muskrat Falls, using the best available knowledge.

4. Grant Inuit joint decision-making authority over downstream environmental monitoring and management of Muskrat Falls.

Please act to protect health and rights now. Make Muskrat Right, before it’s too late.


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