New scientific findings show that Muskrat Falls will significantly increase Inuit exposure to methylmercury:





Scientific Report

Summary for Policymakers and the Public


The Muskrat Falls hydro dam will increase methylmercury levels flowing into Lake Melville, according to an independent Harvard University study.→
That will contaminate the food that thousands of Labrador Inuit rely on, and threaten Inuit rights as well as our human rights to culture, health, and livelihoods.

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But it doesn’t have to. The difference between doing this $8 billion project wrong, and doing it right, starts with four simple, realistic and affordable changes to Muskrat Falls. 

It shouldn’t be a hard sell, but so far the government isn’t listening. That’s why we need your help.

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Methylmercury is a dangerous poison that can cause neurological impairment in developing brains, particularly in cognitive thinking, attention, and memory. It accumulates in the food web, reaching higher and higher concentrations in fish, seals and other wild foods.


While methylmercury accumulates in Inuit territory, Inuit communities will see no benefits from Muskrat Falls. Despite high levels of energy insecurity along the Labrador Inuit coast, all of the power is being exported out of the region.


Nalcor Energy predicted “no measurable effects” downstream of the dam. Credible and independent new evidence shows that their predictions were wrong.


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We need to make changes before the flooding starts. The recent federal election and current elections in Newfoundland and Labrador create an opportunity for change. Let our leaders know you want them to do Muskrat Falls right.

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